The inspiration for my products is to create a simple yet stylish canvas that people can transform into an artwork of their own to wear and share. Take your favorite photos, clippings from newspapers/magazines, etc and make your own unique creation – a visual collage of your memories and a personal statement. Make it your own!

SMOY is derived from the designer’s first initial last name – Spencer Moy. Spencer Moy is an industrial designer living and working in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Spencer wanted to work internationally and landed job in Tokyo, Japan. After two and a half years abroad, Spencer returned to his native city – New York. The idea of the Smoy PhotoCuff was hovering the back of his head since leaving Japan. Tired of freelancing and temping, Spencer brought the idea off the shelf and into reality.

(c) 2005 Spencer Moy. All rights reserved.